Kent & East Sussex Family and Newborn Photographer

In today’s world, it is all too easy to become caught up in societal expectations and the unrelenting pressure to live the picture-perfect life

Documentary photography offers an opportunity to make photographs that tell the story of who you are, not what everyone expects to see. 

I am passionate about documenting the story of your family’s individual identities, your relationships with each other and the traditions that make your family unlike any other.

Through photography, I help families embrace the strength and beauty within themselves and celebrate the sense of belonging and security born from strong family relationships.

Let me tell the story of your family that goes beyond a collection of photographs and instead create a legacy of genuine memories that will resonate for a lifetime.

Woman laughing on beach with young boy

Hi, I’m Linda Mauch, a documentary family photographer servicing families throughout Kent, Sussex and London. I’m married to the funniest man I’ve ever met and we have one amazing kid who’s taught me the beauty of slowing down and living in the moment.

Linda Mauch Photography

Servicing families in Kent, Sussex and London

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